About Feng Shui International Group

We are Feng Shui International Group Co.,Ltd, an internet Goods provider + an IT Real estate developer and investor based in Japan. Our company was founded by Yanfeng Cao, who until 18 years ago was an architect and designer in Tokyo, Japan.

Since the establishment of our business, we have gathered experts in many fields to serve our consumer’s needs. Following our principle of ‘only one’, we have developed many high-selling products.

In internet Goods provision field, We use the latest technology to keep us at the forefront of all aspects of our business including: planning, designing, prototyping, production and wholesale trade.
As an Internet Goods provider, we provide products to several hundred clients, using our more than 270 partner factories. We currently ship over 25,000 items per month from our warehouse.

“EOO+ ” is the capital name of our Group Brand Name of service.It is not just a simple wholesale provider, a Real estate developer or investor, but a strategic EC force that analyzes the latest market trends and reacts in real-time to ensure that we respond rapidly to our customers’ needs.

In the IT Real estate development and investment fields, Since 2015, we have acquired land and started the development and management of real estate business. Making use of newest IT and AI technology, we set our company vision as 4C (concept, compact, comfort and community). We provide DM1K (dynamic 1K),EOO+BIZ suitable for future generation.

We always use much latest Internet Technologies to bring us create several new business models.