The origin of our Eooplus “EOO+” logo.

1. Graphical

The combination of “♂” “♀” goes back to antiquity. The symbol “♂” and the symbol “♀” are known to have been used from about 2000 BC. At that time, unlike the current usage of the “♂” and “♀” , these symbols were not used to represent male and female but rather, “♂” was the symbol used to represent the planet Mars, and “♀” was the symbol used to represent the planet Venus.

These planets were in turn related to ancient gods; ♂ is the stylized representation of the hands of the god Mars and “♀” is a hand holding a mirror and the representation of the goddess Venus; associated with beauty.

With the passing of time “♂” “♀” came to be used as symbols for other things. For example, in astrology “♂” was used to represent “Tuesday” as that day was associated with the planet Mars, and “♀” was used to represent “Friday” as that day was associated with the planet Venus. 

Alchemists, who, since ancient times, believed that base metals could be transformed to noble metals used “♂” as a symbol to represent “iron” and “♀” , to represent copper”.

Of course in the field of biology “♂” and “♀” , are now used to represent “male”, and “female” respectively. Today this interpretation is now in general use and are often used to designate “♂” and “♀” men and women.

Although the “♂” and “♀” symbols are very old their story is comparatively recent when compared with “EOO+”.

2.The Meaning of EOO+

“EOO” means the East Wind

In the ancient civilizations of China, India Egypt and Rome and many others, the wind that blew from the East was a symbol of good fortune and the abundant gifts of nature. The East wind can bring us fame, fortune and luck.

Wherever you are in the world, if you are lucky enough to catch the East wind when it is blowing then you may have good fortune on your side and must make the most of your opportunities while the wind is with you.

The servies of our “EOO+” Eooplus

The entire EOO+Services are aligned behind one mission: Deliver superior, long-term development and result.

1.The establishment of an internet shopping mall brokerage service,designing a trading system for internet use, along with development,operational and maintenance duties .
2.To conduct business in accordance with the maintenance and construction of an International Telecommunication network system
3.Development of computer software, sales and consulting services
4.The export of computers and peripheral devices, import and sales for an international brokerage business
5.To provide consulting services related to the development and production of variety of products and their intellectual property rights.
6.To provide design and consulting experience for building planning and related engineering works
7.Health appliances, food, industrial art objects, designs for daily miscellaneous goods, export and import business.
8.General correspondence duties
9.Gerneral mail order duties
10.The buying and selling of antiques, including the sponsorship and organisation of auctions and mediating between relevant parties
11.Real estate investment and development
12.Holdings of financial products ,buying and selling and other investment businesses.
13.All other duties related to the above

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Message From Our Founder:

At anytime we at EOO+(EOOPLUS) are here for you.

If you want to be happy we can make you smile.

EOO+(EOOPLUS) is here to give you a vision of the many possibilities that can help you make the most of the opportunities in your life.

EOO+(EOOPLUS) is here to help you find your self-confidence.

EOO+(EOOPLUS) is here to assist you to reinvigorate yourself and increase your potential energy.[:ja]「イオプラス」EOO+ロゴの由来

当時の天文学では、現在とは異なり、「♂」「♀」は男女を表す記号ではなく、「♂」=「火星」の意味である「マーズシンボル」(Mars symbol)、「♀」=「金星」の意味である「ビーナスシンボル」(Venus symbol)を表す記号として使われていました。



EOO =〈イタリア語〉東風、東の
東風 =春風
そのほか「紫気東来」という縁起がよい言葉があり、「高貴な気は東より来たる」という意味で、もともと道家の「老子過函谷関、紫気従東而来(老子函谷関 を過ぎ、紫気東より来る)」すなわち老子が函谷関を通過するとき、紫気(高貴な気、瑞祥)が東からやって来たという伝説に由来します。